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Who's Who

Come meet the staff at our school.

Executive Head

Mr Birtles

Head of School

Miss Saul

Designated Safeguarding Lead, RE Lead, Assessment Lead

School Administrators

School Business Manager

Mrs Jackson

School Business Manager


Admissions Officer

Mrs Sweet

Attendance and Admissions Officer



Mrs Tree

Administration Assistant

Site Manager

Mr Cannon



Mrs Golebiowska

Mrs Wozniak

Senior Leadership Team


The Senior Leadership Team consists of the Head of School, Assistant Head, Key Stage Leaders and SEND Leader.

Mrs Marshall

Assistant Head.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 Leader.

Class 2 Teacher, Mathematics Leader, School Council.


Mrs McManus

Key Stage 2 Leader.

Class H Teacher, English Leader.


Mrs Kennedy

SEND and Inclusion Leader.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Cousins

Reception Class Teacher.

English (Phonics & Spelling) and EYFS Support.


Mrs Stride

Class 1 Teacher.

Art and Design & Technology Leader.


Miss Posti

Class J Teacher.

Humanities (History and Geography) Leader.


Mrs Abegunde

Class O Teacher.

Joint RE Leader.


Mrs Tansey

Class S Teacher.

Computing Leader.


Mrs Evans

Class E Teacher.


Mrs Mitchell

Class P Teacher.

Science Leader.


Mrs Adams

Class 2 Teacher. (Part-time).

Class H Teacher. (Part-time).

Teaching and Learning Assistants


Teaching and Learning Assistants (TLAs) are deployed in a range of ways in order to support learning. It is the teacher's responsibility to plan activities for the TLAs in order to make full use of their time and expertise. Each TLA also carries out other duties as delegated by the Headteacher or Class Teacher and supports intervention groups as directed.


Mrs Trigg

Class Reception.

Intervention Support.


Mrs Roberts

Class 1.

Midday Assistant.


Mrs Culleton

Class 2.

Class Reception.


Mrs Kay

Class 2.

HLTA and Intervention Support.


Mrs Tew

Class J.

Intervention Support.


Mr Smith

Class O.

HLTA, IT Support Technician and Languages Lead.


Mrs Fory

Class S.

Midday Assistant.


Mrs Townsend

Class E.


Mrs Wells

Class E.


Mrs Jolin

Class P.


Mrs Hurrell

Class H.

HLTA and Intervention Support.


Mrs Yousef

Class H.

Class P.

Catering and Midday Assistants

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs Jones - Kitchen Supervisor

Mrs Davis - Kitchen Assistant


Midday Assistants

Mrs Cossington - MDA Supervisor

Mrs Blake - Midday Assistant

Mrs Boylan - Midday Assistant

Mrs Weddell - Midday Assistant

Mrs Yardley - Midday Assistant

Mrs Roberts - Midday Assistant

Mrs Fory - Midday Assistant