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Curriculum Information

On this page we have provided a breakdown of the curriculum themes your child will follow in each year here at St Joseph's. We have also provided a breakdown of the skills that your child will cover in each year group.


Year 5 and 6 will continue to follow a two-year rolling cycle until 2021.

Assessing and Reporting


Following the Governments rationale on assessment without levels, St Joseph's will be assessing and reporting on the children's depth of understanding within their phase. If a child is showing understanding below phase expectations, they are considered to be working towards (WT). Most of our children will show some understanding at the beginning of a phase with support. At the beginning of a phase, most children will demonstrate an emerging understanding (E). As children develop a deeper cognitive understanding they will be able to work more independently moving from an advancing (Working Within WW) to a secure (S) understanding.